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Precisely personal

JOKER gives people their own sun. It lights their own space, can be moved easily to their own place and can be adjusted to their own mood. JOKER is not just the evolution of the table lamp, it’s the revolution. Its unique design directs light only to where it’s wanted and needed. Although it has a very wide beam, it has a very defined visual cut-off and there are no multiple shadows. Light is focussed and concentrated. And it is glare-free. Individual emotion and atmosphere can be complemented by the Tunable White illumination.

JOKER streams light as personally as a playlist streams music. Just for the user and not for the rest of the room. And installation couldn’t be simpler. You simply plug in your USB-C connector and switch on. Used in combination with existing luminaires and lighting systems, it allows everyone their own light within lights. JOKER is unique. Because everyone’s personal space is.

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The advantages of JOKER

  • Maximum flexibility
    Easy to transport and flexible in use, Joker supplies light exactly where it is needed. Joker is easy to use and can be connected with a USB-C connector.

  • Personalised light
    With the Tunable White technology, the colour temperature can be adjusted manually according to the user's needs and mood.

  • Sleek design
    With its clear lines and modern design, the Joker luminaire is a real highlight on any desk.


Quality is all around

MILANO SLIM is total light. 360 degree office light. Light that radiates in all its forms, directly, indirectly and laterally. Light which spreads beautifully outwards, distilled and refined by the frosted diffuser design. Light whose tones and textures can be remixed to match any mood using the Tunable White personalisation feature.


All this from a simple, sleek circle. An even finer, even more elegant development of the classic cylindrical design which is at home in any environment and enhances any style of architecture. Easily mounted, full of features but free of glare, it can grace any office. Pure light. Perfectly delivered. In every way, a halo.

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The advantages of MILANO SLIM

  • Suitable for office lighting
    Perfect, glare-free illumination, meeting all standards for workplace lighting.

  • Increases well-being
    Milano Slim is available in a Tunable White version that allows the user to change the luminaire’s colour temperature from warm white to cold white light. The colour temperature can either automatically be adapted based on the availability of light during the day, or can be controlled individually. This has a positive impact on well-being (Human Centric Lighting).

  • High visual comfort
    Outstanding light quality all round due thanks to homogeneous illumination, with both direct and indirect light.

  • Timeless Design
    A classic cylindrical design that works in any environment.

RUN+ Diffuser

Office light without limits

There are no breaks in RUN+ just a continuous, seamless line of beautiful light. And no breaks mean no shadows. Just uninterrupted, unequalled illumination. The rollable endless diffuser RUN+ has been created specifically for the office environment where it meets and passes all standards for workplace lighting. RUN+ has at its heart a new technology designed to delight both architects and electricians. The new foil developed by Regent Lighting is thin, ultra-flat and glare-free.

Its benefits are as endless as its beam of light. Aesthetically, it is fine not rough, clear and clean with no breaks. Practically, it is easy to handle and simple to customise. This is breakthrough thinking and design leaving behind the world of microprismatic plates. These conventional solutions constrict. RUN+ gives you the freedom to elevate any workspace. The new, office-compliant RUN+ diffuser is compatible with the following light lines: Channel S, Purelite D OfficePurelite and Purelite Slim.

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The advantages of RUN+ Diffuser

  • Seamless office light
    RUN+ creates an endless, seamless line of beautiful light without breaks or shadows. Uninterrupted illumination, customisable to the desired exact centimetre for office lighting in compliance with regulations.

  • Light in a new format
    RUN+ consists of an ultra-thin foil, developed by Regent Lighting and integrated in a rollable endless diffusor. The result is more flexible and intuitive lighting planning, a saving of time during assembly and overall material savings.

  • Aesthetic highlight
    With this groundbreaking technology and exceptional design, we are leaving behind the world of microprismatic plates and offering an aesthetic alternative with a refined and even surface structure.

  • Simple and fast assembly
    RUN+ is straightforward and quick to install and easy to transport and store.


Spreading a new light

STREAM turns office lighting upside down. The first ceiling light which doesn’t require mounting, as soon as STREAM is out of the box, it’s ready to shine. In the most effective and beautiful way. Its high-quality light comes via indirect light which has been beamed upwards. It then rolls out over an environment with the capacity to illuminate multiple desks. The lighting can also be personalised using the Tunable White technology. There is no workspace which STREAM could not enhance with the unique atmosphere which it creates. And, as installation is simply unpacking, you can place STREAM anywhere.

STREAM is also available with MyLights Remote Casambi which means you can control the office ambience via the app, programme lighting scenarios and control groups of luminaires simultaneously. Lighting an office can now be seen from a new perspective. And in a different light. The one which spreads from STREAM.

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The advantages of STREAM

  • Office lighting turned upside down
    Stream is the first ceiling luminaire that does not require mounting since its high-quality light is beamed upwards. The uplight meets all requirements for office lighting.

  • High radiance
    The innovative uplight has the capacity to illuminate up to four workstations.

  • Increases well-being
    With the new Tunable White version, the luminaire’s colour temperature can gradually be changed from warm white to cold white light. The user can choose between automatically changing the colour temperature based on availability of light during the day, or controlling the light individually. This has a positive impact on well-being (Human Centric Lighting).

  • Intuitive control
    Individual luminaires or groups of luminaires can be operated easily using an app. For even more comfort, Stream is now also available with acoustic panels.


The design shines

PURELITE SLIM is something to admire before it has even been turned on. The slimmest and thinnest luminaire in the industry, it is a feat of imagination and innovation. But then a switch is flicked. And PURELITE SLIM becomes a sleek strip of pure, uninterrupted, exceptional light. Although its design is hard to comprehend, the luminaire itself is easy to install at every stage of a project. Because it is ultra-flat (35 mm), PURELITE SLIM can be integrated into concrete ceilings without having to alter the statics of that ceiling or the building itself. Giving you flexibility on top of aesthetic brilliance. So, the possibilities are as wide as PURELITE SLIM is so elegantly thin.

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The advantages of PURELITE SLIM

  • Ultra-flat design
    The industry's sleekest, slimmest luminaire for the office environment.

  • Light for office applications
    Maximum light quality with glare-free, uninterrupted lines of light, created especially for the office environment. With 15% indirect light.

  • Limitless flexibility
    The extremely slim luminaire can easily be installed at every stage of a project without having to alter the statics of the ceiling or building.


Relighting the way we work

The modern workspace is a new world. Lit by a new glow. Personal, controllable, adaptable and remarkable. LIGHTPAD is elegant to look at and perfect to see with. The highest quality light optimises any environment. The unique double asymmetric light distribution is uniform and refreshingly reflection free. The infinite flexibility lets you imagine and re-imagine any configuration of up to four desks. It is controlled effortlessly with intelligence and intuition. And it does so much more than simply light an office beautifully. MyData Analysis means LIGHTPAD is a source of data as well as light.


Sensors integrated in the luminaire shed light on activity levels and energy consumed allowing you to improve efficiency and save costs. So LIGHTPAD is no mere fixture, it is an active part of any office. Sharing information, sharing illumination, shaping its output to suit individual needs. The world we work in is changing. Luckily, LIGHTPAD is blessed with technology which never stands still.

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The advantages of LIGHTPAD

  • Highest light quality for maximum visual comfort
    Lightpad’s unique double asymmetric light distribution guarantees uniform, reflection-free illumination for the office environment.

  • Increases well-being
    The Tunable White technology makes it possible to gradually change the luminaire’s colour temperature from warm white to cold white light. The colour temperature can either be automatically adjusted based on the availability of light during the day or it can be controlled individually for each luminaire head with an app. This has a positive impact on well-being (Human Centric Lighting).

  • Save resources and costs
    Compatible with the digital product solution MyData Analysis. Data from the environment are recorded and evaluated in real time. The result is efficient building management and a significant saving of costs.