We are a family business, founded in 1908, with over 100 years of tradition that benefits from short decision paths, efficient processes and the intense commitment of its employees. We constantly expand our knowledge and make use of collaborations with universities, research institutions, designers and lighting planners.

  • 1908

    Founding of the company G. Levy & Cie. The company sells paraffin and gas lamps.

  • 1921

    Glass lamps and household items are now incorporated into the range.

  • 1936

    Market launch of the glass-only luminaire.

  • 1939

    The sales realised with luminaires make up over 50% of overall sales.

  • 1945

    Re-founding of Regent G. Levy & Cie. Sale of lighting fixtures exclusively.

  • 1950

    Regent G. Levy & Cie. introduce fluorescent lighting to Switzerland.

  • 1965

    Introduction of industrial lighting, tracks, spots and sports field floodlights.

  • 1969

    Founding of the branch in Lausanne

  • 1974

    Founding of the branch in Geneva

  • 1978

    Conversion of the general partnership to Regent Lighting Ltd.

  • 1979

    Founding of the branch in Zurich.

  • 1980

    Development and introduction of lighting systems.

  • 1985

    World premiere of the free-standing luminaire concept – Regent Lighting develop the first direct/indirect lighting system suitable for the workplace.

  • 1989

    Founding of the branch in Lugano.

  • 1992

    Founding of the Austrian sales agency in Vienna.

    To satisfy the increased market demands and to strengthen their independence, Regent Lighting – which had previously concentrated on the retail trade – now focuses on the design and construction of its own innovative luminaires and lighting systems.

    First participation in the international lighting trade fair in Hanover and start of the development of the international distributors network (today in over 40 countries).

  • 1994

    Development of Relux light planning software.

  • 1995

    Development of SensoDim® (light management system) – brightness testing and presence detection to increase energy efficiency.

  • 1996

    Founding of the branch in Berne.

  • 1998

    Founding of the Germany sales agency in Cologne.

  • 2001

    MDT (Micro Downlight Technology) – the all-round glare-free office luminaire.

  • 2002

    Regent testing laboratories are approved for luminaire testing (SMT) by Electrosuisse.

    Opening of the RLC – Regent Lighting Centre in Basel and Lausanne.

  • 2003

    Founding of the Italy sales agency in Milan.

    Founding of the France sales agency in Lyon.

    Founding of the Israel sales agency in Tel Aviv.

  • 2004

    Launching of the first own-production Zoom spotlight family at Euroshop, Düsseldorf.

  • 2005

    ICT Clip – a Regent Innovation, which revolutionises and simplifies wiring.

  • 2006

    International launch of NoLimit.

  • 2007

    International launch of Today.

  • 2008

    Accreditation of the Regent testing laboratory for photometric measurements as per ISO/IEC 17025.

  • 2009

    With PAL and Beamer PAL – Regent launches a new LED-based lighting system, which is very close to the quality of daylight. Ideal for lighting sensitive objects in museums, galleries, etc.

  • 2010

    International launch of Poco System PAL+ for the shop and retail segment.

  • 2011

    First office-suitable full-LED free-standing luminaire “Level CLD LED”, with over 100 lm/W.

    ALONEatWORK – self-configuring communication technology among luminaires to increase efficiency and well-being

  • 2012

    Tweak CLD LED free-standing luminaire with luminaire bus system introduces the era of optoelectronic systems at Regent Lighting.

  • 2013

    APD (Added Performance Diffusor) – highly efficient co-extrusion optical element for LED light channels in office use. Efficiency can be increased by up to 40%.

  • 2014

    SLA Technology (Spread Light Applicator) – light control element with optimum surface luminance distribution designed as a space spotlight with LED strip lighting.

    Torino LED – first LED ceiling-mounted luminaire featuring omnidirectional lighting and a perfectly even spread of light across the diffuser.

  • 2015

    Regent supplies 5000 LED luminaires for the tallest building (178 m) in Switzerland:

    Roche Tower, Basel (Architects: HdM)

  • 2016

    Swiss Shop and Retail specialist RD Leuchten joins the Regent Lighting Group.

  • 2017

    Connected Lighting
    Development of MyTechnologies featuring digital solutions to enable individualised light (MyLights Technologies) and for the collection and evaluation of data (MyData Technologies). Close collaboration with Big Data specialists Locatee. Regent presents MyData Position and VLC Technology at EuroShop – a world first when it comes to pinpointing the exact whereabouts of customers in shops and retail spaces.

    LiFi at ineltec
    Regent successfully presents the first ever functioning data transmission via light at ineltec, the Swiss trade fair for intelligent building technology. 

    Building Information Modeling
    Regent provides BIM data that meet the highest requirements when it comes to real-life scenario design and planning.

    Design Awards 2017

    German Design Award – Winner (Excellent Product Design Lighting)
    iF Design Award (category: lighting; discipline: product)
    Red Dot Award: Product Design – Winner (category: lighting and lamps)

    German Design Award – Special Mention (Excellent Product Design Lighting)

    German Design Award Nominee
    iF Design Award (category: lighting; discipline: product)

  • 2018

    Light + Building
    Regent exclusively presents novelties, among others:
    - The innovative uplight Stream – illuminates the ceiling without a ceiling-mounted luminaire
    - The free-standing luminaire Lightpad Tunable for user-friendly biologically effective lighting
    - The extremely streamlined Channel S Up C-LED pendant and system luminaire with additional indirect light

    Design Awards 2018

    Red Dot Award: Product Design – Winner (category: lighting and lamps)
    Design Plus powered by Light + Building

  • 2019

    RUN / RUN+ Regent Lighting develops the rollable RUN diffuser and then launches the office-compatible version RUN+

  • 2020

    JOKER The revolution of the table lamp — with a slim design, asymmetrical light distribution and individually adjustable lighting mood for very personal light.

    Opening of the production site in Svilajnac, Serbia.

  • 2022

    Opening of the Regent Lighting Centre in Munich.