Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting


Consistent colour recognition.

When colours, colour temperature and light fastness play a key role, the in-house developed PAL+ technology (Perception Adaptive Lightsource) from Regent is the right choice.

This technology produces light that is in line with human colour perception, and therefore guarantees consistent colour recognition. The true white LEDs applied have a daylight-quality colour spectrum and meet the highest demands as regards UV-free light emissions with low heat build-up.

That is why PAL+ is used for challenging applications, such as in museums, for the illumination of fresh groceries and for colour-intensive non-food products. The colour temperature can be adjusted from 2500 to 6500 Kelvin at a CRI of up to 94. PAL+ guarantees that colour rendering and colour temperature remain constant in the dimming range between 100 to 20 %. Dynamic
or static lighting scenarios can be programmed using DALI control.

Bäckerei Ströck

Light sells and whets the appetite.

The baker’s trade is indeed one of the oldest in the world. But as the Austrian family bakery business Ströck is proving, it is by no means losing any of its significance or popularity in the 21st century. The young generation of Ströcks have come up with a brilliant.

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