Channel lighting system


Purelite is convincing all along the line. The luminaire offers maximum flexibility, at the same time as meeting the highest aesthetic and light quality demands. With a height of just 35 mm, Purelite is extraordinarily flat. This extremely slender luminaire offers outstanding freedom in planning and, at the same time, has no impact on the statics of the ceiling or the building itself. Uninterrupted lines of light measuring up to 20 metres long can be created with an integrated RUN or office-compatible RUN+ diffuser. Available as a recessed or surface-mounted ceiling luminaire, as a surface-mounted wall luminaire, as a pendant luminaire and as a channel lighting system. Purelite is flexible in use and extremely easy to mount. The result is a beautifully shaped line of extraordinary light.

Features Features
  • Simple to integrate into the architecture thanks to its ultra-flat design: height of only 35 mm incl. control gear
  • Shadow-free lines of light, incl. illumination of the ceiling, timeless design
  • Suitable for application in offices thanks to microprismatic optics with a UGR < 19 at 3100 lm/1.2 m; up to 3330 lm/1.2 m with an opal diffuser
  • Clip-in LED batten with integrated through-wiring for quick and easy mounting
  • For mounting in rows greater than 2250 mm, all lengths in increments of 150 mm
Spezifikation Spezifikation
  • Support profile made of anodised aluminium, natural finish
  • LED batten luminaire replaceable on site
  • Omni-directional, incl. illumination of the ceiling (version available with direct lighting – Purelite D)
  • Micro-prismatic CLD optics or opal diffuser made of high-grade plastic
  • dimmable digital DALI + ON/OFF


Batten luminaire


Batten luminaire Purelite

Start/intermediate module


Batten luminaire Purelite

Intermediate module


Batten luminaire Purelite

End module