Regent Lighting Center

Bringing you closer to light.

Our customers should benefit very specifically from Regent knowledge. We wish to create a basis for our customers to allow them to ask the right questions. They should be able to find out for themselves what their lighting needs are and why a particular solution is the best for a particular situation. To this end, we have created very special lighting centres in Zurich and Basel: our Regent Lighting Centres (RLC).

The concept

Only if you have sufficient know-how are you in a position to ask the right questions and make educated decisions – which is why we have developed effective ways to transfer our knowledge to planners and specifiers. To this end we have created Regent Lighting Centers (RLC) in Basel, Zurich, Lausanne und Düsseldorf, where you can expand your knowledge of light and lighting through inspiration, learning and experience.


You have an idea for a lighting concept. At an RLC you can take the time to discover the scope of state-of-the-art lighting technologies and experience light to the full. Design the lighting for a space to meet the needs of that space and its users. Discover the diversity of light and broaden your horizon.


You are designing with LEDs. RLCs allow you to learn intuitively how this innovative technology works, what you need to look out for, and what makes it so effective. Build on your knowledge of light and expand your competence when it comes to the technical aspects of lighting.


You want to evaluate potential solutions. At an RLC you can let us know what you have in mind for your project – type of space, user needs – and we can then develop a lighting concept together with you and specify which luminaires are best suited to meet your requirements – thus providing an initial concrete basis for discussion for your lighting idea.

The locations

At our RLCs all efforts are focussed on you. Our four RLCs are designed and run to address your specific needs in the market you work in:

RLC Basel

Regent Lighting Center (RLC) Basel

Regent BeleuchtungsKörper AG
Dornacherstrasse 390
CH-4053 Basel

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RLC Düsseldorf

Regent Lighting Center (RLC) Düsseldorf

Regent Licht GmbH
Plange Mühle 1
D-40221 Düsseldorf

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RLC Lausanne

Regent Lighting Center (RLC) Lausanne

Régent Appareils d’éclairage SA 
Chemin du Rionzi 60
Case postale 432
CH-1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

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RLC Zürich

Regent Lighting Center (RLC) Zürich

Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG
Luggwegstrasse 9
CH-8048 Zürich

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