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People light our way

People. That is why we’re here.

The people who founded our company did so to light the lives of the people of their time. Make those lives brighter and better. This is what we did then, what we do now and what we will always do. Every innovation, every design, every product is born out of a restless quest to improve and enhance the work and living spaces … of people. Their environment is our world. So, we will discover and develop new technologies, generate new ideas, pursue everything which can improve those environments. And people will continue to power our days. The people who plan, the people who install, the people who ultimately benefit from the optimised atmosphere our lights and luminaires create. And, of course, the people who are Regent Lighting. If there is something which will illuminate and inspire, we will find it. And people will light our way.

People light our future

Connected Lighting


People light our designs

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Product finder

Regent Lighting Bespoke

You dream it and we will build it

People are at the heart of everything we do. When developing our lighting, the focus is always on our customers. Our portfolio offers an extensive range of high-quality products in elegant, modern designs. We have the right lighting for diverse environments and applications and also design bespoke lighting solutions according to your specifications. Working with you, we develop tailor-made lighting solutions to suit your unique project. We bring your idea to life and let it shine in the best possible light.

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Jobs & Career

People light our way

Work at Regent Lighting

People are our drive and our foundation. Our employees make Regent Lighting what it is and shape our open corporate culture. With us, everyone has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and share inspiration. Communication on a personal level and an appreciative approach form the basis of our work together. Our wide range of further training options offer interesting perspectives and promote agile working methods. We all share a motivated and committed outlook, a passion for light and for creating exceptional atmospheres through high-quality lighting.

Jobs & Career


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