Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting

MyData Analysis

Turning Connected Lighting into reality

Digitisation offers a wealth of new possibilities. Our smart luminaires, which do more than illuminate, are part of it. With MyData Analysis, light now becomes an infrastructure for IoT. Our digital product solution gives you the key to unlock great potential. MyData Analysis is a perfectly matured solution with vast added value for plenty of users in the building. Sensors in the luminaire collect data from the surroundings and evaluate it in real time: room climate data, information on area utilisation and further parameters such as asset tracking provide you with invaluable knowledge – knowledge from which you can benefit. Based on meaningful data, the facility manager can optimise the use of the building and in doing so, increase employee well-being.

Expensive equipment can be located at any time, cleaners clean only where it is really necessary, and employees save time looking for a free desk-sharing workspace. The result is efficient building management, increased well-being and a significant saving of costs.

With MyData Analysis we lead the way as pioneers once again. Successfully implemented projects confirm that we continually develop and improve our smart solutions based on your requirements and our
many years of experience. With MyData Analysis we are providing a building block for the Smart Building and contributing to a networked, trailblazing working environment.

Siemens believes in MyData Analysis

Our IoT solution installed in the largest Smart Building project in Europe

Innovation, sustainability and digitisation combined on an area larger than 75 soccer fields: in Erlangen, Siemens is building a lively neighbourhood with an attractive campus structure and over 5,400 workplaces. We at Regent Lighting are equipping the offices with our smart Lightpad freestanding luminaires and contribute to the implementation of Europe's largest Smart Building project with our IoT solution MyData Analysis. Siemens uses MyData Analysis to reduce operating costs, for example in order to optimise cleaning efforts. Surfaces are cleaned only according to the effective need. This allows targeted staff planning.

By activating the "Cleaning" lighting scene, only those workstations that require attention are illuminated for clear and quick visibility. Saving time, costs and resources. The basis for this is real-time data collected from the surroundings. Sensors integrated into the freestanding luminaires collect data such as duration of use, temperature, humidity and air quality in the office. This valuable information can be leveraged for other IoT applications. With MyData Analysis, we offer a smart solution for the optimisation of building management and are pleased to support Siemens in this project with our experience.

Christian Franz, Asset Management, Siemens AG:


«We are proud to announce that the biggest Smart Building space in Europe is about to become operational. With Regent Lighting’s MyData Analysis, we’re expecting significant savings in cleaning costs and are contributing to a more sustainable environment».