Freestanding luminaire

Lightpad Office

Lightpad is a free-standing luminaire designed to respond to your individual requirements at the workplace. It features a choice of luminaire heads with different luminous intensity distributions to guarantee uniform lighting for a wide range of desk configurations. The luminaire delivers asymmetric and double asymmetric light distribution, thus meeting the requirements laid down in the standards for the uniform illumination of workstations. Base plates are available in different designs. In short: we think in terms of desks, not in illuminance levels.

Features Features
  • Double asymmetric light distribution ensures uniform, shadow-free illumination of the workplace
  • Ultra-slim housing design of just 19 mm
  • Up to 4 luminaire heads can be mounted on one stand, minimising the visual impact in the space
  • ALONE at WORK® communication module as an accessory
  • SensoDim® 3 presence detector and daylight sensor in each of the luminaire heads
  • Designed for connection to MyData Analysis
  • Luminaire efficiency up to 113 lm/W
  • Suitable for office lighting (UGR < 19; Lmax ≥ 65° ≤ 3000 cd/m²)
  • Design by schneider+schumacher, Frankfurt am Main
Specifications Specifications
  • 70 % indirect light, 30 % direct light
  • Height: 2000 mm
  • Height of luminaire head: 19 mm
  • Colours: white, silver
  • Control element in the standpipe available in two different heights
  • Four different base plates guarantee optimum placement

Technical data Technical data
  • System power: 67 W / 60 W / 134 W / 120 W / 193 W / 267 W
  • Luminous flux of luminaire: 7200 lm / 6800 lm / 14400 lm / 13600 lm / 21200 lm / 28800 lm
  • Colour temperature: 4000 K / 3000 K
  • Colour Rendering Index: CRI >80
  • Maintained luminous flux: L90 50'000 h
  • Protection class: Protection class I
  • Ingress Protection (IP): IP20
Fields of application Fields of application
  • Office & Education
    open-plan offices, individual offices

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PROH_8335_TK.jpg for single person workstation, left
PROH_8336_TK.jpg for single person workstation, central
PROH_8337_TK.jpg for single person workstation, right
PROH_8338_TK.jpg for two person workstation, lateral
PROH_8340_TK.jpg for two person workstation, central
PROH_8339_TK.jpg for two person workstation, lateral, well spaced
PROH_8341_TK.jpg for two person workstation, central, well-spaced
PROH_8342_TK.jpg for three person workstation, central
PROH_8343_TK.jpg for four person workstation, central
System power
67 W
Colour / Finish
Colour temperature
3000 K warm white
4000 K neutral white
Control element
without control element
with 1 control element
with 1 higher control element
base plate
base plate, full mould, oblong
base plate, U-shaped
base plate, T-shaped, XL