A customised lighting solution for Actemium

For their new building, the engineering company has opted for lighting that combines quality, design and cutting-edge technology

Actemium, Ensisheim, France

Actemium, Ensisheim, France
LCR - Les constructeurs Réunis, Schiltigheim
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In what context was the new building constructed and what is its main function?

Due to the limited space available in the old Actemium buildings, it was decided to construct and equip the new buildings with state-of-the-art technology. Actemium regularly welcomes visitors and customers from all over the world. Therefore, the company's image must be in line with the high expectations of these people.

That’s why it is essential that the buildings, from production halls to office spaces, reflect the professionalism, quality, design and state-of-the-art technology that Actemium provides.

What are the particularities of the building (structure, architecture, design)?

The building is equipped with a thermal slab which does not allow the installation of luminaires or the addition of a false ceiling. Since the lighting solutions were defined late in the process, it was essential that they could be integrated both aesthetically and technically, but still provide flexibility in terms of installation.

What were your expectations on the lighting solution (technical, aesthetic, use)?

The lighting solutions were developed and designed with the different rooms and their purposes in mind. In our search for the best lighting solution, we realised that it is not easy to find a supplier who offers a complete lighting solution which does not only comply with standards in terms of functionality and technique, but does also contribute to making rooms more attractive through design.

Which products did you choose?

Regent Lighting provided us with a complete lighting plan including product suggestions which we accepted without hesitation. A visit to the Regent Lighting Center in Basel and a tour of Regent Lighting's offices and production halls left no doubt on the company's professionalism. After this visit, our decision was obvious.

In the workshops, TRAQ was chosen because it combines flexibility in installation and quality of light, the latter being essential for the handling of sometimes very small elements.

As for the office spaces, LIGHTPAD met the expected comfort requirements perfectly and is best suited for the configuration of the room where no power supply was provided in the ceiling. Its slim and uncluttered design also matched nicely with the contemporary office furniture.

In the meeting rooms, however, PURELITE OFFICE allowed the combination of aesthetics and practicality thanks to the limited number of fixing and power supply points needed.

For mixed spaces, TORINO and WIGGLE have helped to create a more convivial atmosphere without compromising on lighting quality. In the lounge area, STREAM provides ideal, mobile lighting.

Why did you choose Regent Lighting?

Regent Lighting was the only supplier to have provided us with a complete lighting solution including individual solutions for every room in our building. From offices to industrial halls, corridors, entrances/receptions and toilets, to meeting rooms or cafeterias, Regent Lighting always offered a wide range of choices.

Are you satisfied with Regent Lighting's services?

We are very satisfied with the short response times and the cooperation with Regent Lighting. Some decisions were made on very short notice. Nevertheless, the material was always delivered without any delay. An employee from Regent Lighting visited the site several times to help and advise our staff to ensure optimal assembly and installation. We highly appreciated this quality of service.

How satisfied are the users of the building and its various areas with the lighting solution?

Our staff are very satisfied and appreciate the new lighting. In the production halls, the improvement in quality of light is clearly noticeable and it has significantly increased comfort and, above all, visibility when handling very small items.
In the office spaces, the employees had to get used to the new lighting situation during the first 24 hours, but now find the new light to be pleasant and, thanks to the automatic adjustment, very functional and comfortable.

This interview was conducted with Patrick Rapp, Actemium's Business Manager, and Dominique Stoltz, Actemium's Copany Director.