Channel lighting system


The Channel luminaire families are intended as recessed ceiling luminaires, ceiling mounted luminaires or channel lighting system for professional use. Imagine a line of light without interruptions. The sophisticated light profile of Channel permits seamless lighting channels that adapt perfectly to your ideas for your space. It is also suitable for use in the office sector. The combination of LEDs and C-LED light control elements make it possible. Whether in the office, in prestigious spaces or as corridor lighting, Channel delivers firstclass lighting solutions and maximum efficiency.

Features Features
  • Shadow-free line of light and timeless design
  • Support profile made of anodised aluminium, natural finish
  • Suitable for application in offices thanks to microprismatic optics with a UGR < 19 or with an opal APD diffuser
  • C-LED optics guarantee EN 12464-1 compliant lighting design
  • Different lengths can be combined
  • Complete range of accessories
Spezifikation Spezifikation
  • With or without trim
  • Also suitable for pendant mounting
  • ON/OFF or dimmable digital DALI
  • Colour temperatures: 3000 K, 4000 K
  • Available with emergency unit


Batten luminaire


Batten luminaire Channel



Diffuser Channel


Diffuser Channel Office

Microprismatic optics, suitable for application in offices