MyData Analysis

Desk sharing 2.0 from Regent

Saving on office space, being able to find available workstations or work spaces quickly and easily, high cleaning efficiency, and making optimum use of meeting rooms – that is what Desksharing 2.0 is all about.

The Digital Product Solutions division is dedicated to the purposeful development of digital solutions that enable luminaires to serve as a data medium. The MyData Analysis IoT solution developed by Regent makes for real added value. With the aid of luminaires – as part of the existing infrastructure – data can be collected, provided and evaluated, be it in the form of presence detection or temperature, air quality, energy consumption or room climate data – practically anything is possible.

By collecting real-time data, it is possible to gain a quick overview of which workstations or meeting rooms are currently occupied. Such data can also be used to indicate exactly which desks or conference tables are ready for cleaning, for example, thus optimizing cleaning efficiency. This is in the interest of the effective use of human resources, and enables significant cost reductions. Room climate data can be displayed in graphical form or connected to the existing building automation system.

The solution is operated via standardised IoT interfaces and protocols. IP mechanisms are applied to encrypt electronic communication and ensure the data is confidential and secure. Safety is thus guaranteed at all times.

«MyData Analysis provides a sound and open infrastructure that meets the requirements of an IoT system. Using our sensor data, and via standardised interfaces, we can now create the applications of tomorrow together with our customers », Beat Morf, Head of Digital Product Solutions, explains.

Bernd Kosmalla, Global Account Director at Sodexo (Switzerland) SA at the time of project implementation: «Thanks to the intelligent lighting solution provided by Regent we have been able to add a further dimension to our ‘Quality of Life’ concept and even save up to 50% on cleaning costs into the bargain».