Upcycling-Service by Regent Lighting

Upcycling instead of throwing away

From now on we offer our exclusive upcycling service. The existing conventional light sources can be replaced on site by new Regent LED-Upgrade-Kits. If on-site replacement is not possible, the luminaires will be converted at our manufacturing facility in Basel.

We grant a 5-year warranty on the new LED-Upgrade-Kits CE certified by Regent. The product liability remains with Regent Lighting. In addition, we offer a comparative measurement (before-after) if required.

If you decide in favor of Upcycling by Regent Lighting, you and your company contribute to a sustainable raw material cycle. Existing luminaires are given a new lease of life with the LED-Upgrade-Kits, resulting in significant electricity savings. The old conventional light sources are professionally disposed of and recycled.

Upcycling for the future

Exemplify sustainability

Conventional fluorescent lamps will soon be a thing of the past: As part of the global drive for sustainable environmental protection, it is also time to invest in new lighting solutions. The consumption of electrical energy is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. So take the first step today - for sustainable, long-lasting luminaires and climate protection. Regent Lighting not only supplies you with the appropriate high-quality products with contemporary and energy-efficient LED technology, but also provides you with competent and solution-oriented advice based on its extensive experience. From person to person.


All advantages of the upcycling at a glance

Enhanced light quality
With the replacement of the existing luminaire inserts, a visibly improved light quality is achieved. The increase in light efficiency is up to 75%, depending on the luminaire.

By replacing the existing luminaire inserts, a visibly improved quality of light is achieved. The increase in luminous efficacy is up to 75%, depending on the luminaire.

Product liability / warranty
Our LED-Upgrade-Kits meet all regulations and standards of an electrical system and are tested accordingly. We guarantee this. If required, we will comply with the relevant statutory warranty and product liability obligations. Thus, with a LED-Upgrade-Kit certified by Regent Lighting, the warranty remains intact and you continue to have a safe and high quality product.*

*If a conversion is carried out by rewiring, removal of devices or installation of other electrical components without using a Regent LED-Upgrade-Kit, any claims regarding warranty and product liability on the part of Regent are forfeited. Anyone who upcycles a luminaire becomes by law the new person placing the luminaire on the market and must draw up a CE declaration of conformity, assume product liability and test the luminaire after upcycling in accordance with SNR 462638 "Repeat testing and inspection after repair of electrical equipment".

Ecodesign requirements

Requirements and phase-out of T5 as well as T8 fluorescent lamps as of August 25, 2023.

On September 1, 2021, the Ecodesign Regulation of the European Union became effective. Due to the "Energy Strategy 2050", this also applies in Switzerland at the same time.

In the coming year, widely used illuminants may no longer be produced and placed on the market due to their energy consumption or mercury content: From February 25, 2023, compact fluorescent lamps and circular fluorescent lamps T5 will be banned. From August 25, 2023, also linear fluorescent lamps T8 and T5.

Prevention is better than aftercare

So take precautions in good time and upgrade from fluorescent lamps to the more efficient, energy-saving LED technology. This will also help you avoid future maintenance problems. We will be happy to help you with this.

State funding

Upcycling pays off

By switching to LED lighting, you not only save noticeable energy and thus significant operating costs, you also make a valuable contribution to national efforts to curb electricity consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, various incentive programs exist to provide you with financial support for upcycling. We'll be happy to help you claim the incentives that apply to your project.


Up to 30% subsidy
There are a variety of grant programs that pay up to a maximum of 30% of the investment cost.

Additional subsidies with sensors
Projects with the use of occupancy or daylight sensors increase savings and receive additional funding.

Save 50% to 90% on electricity costs
Eligible lighting solutions with intelligent lighting control typically use 50% to 90% less energy than conventional lighting systems

We are committed to sustainability
In addition to our pursuit of economic efficiency, we focus on providing resource-saving lighting solutions in the spirit of upcycling.

We set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with professional support for planned upcycling. We create clarity in the jungle of subsidy programs.

Upcycling kit assortment

Certified LED inserts - installable by the electrician













Our upcycling offer is constantly being expanded. You can find current information on this page.


Conversion assortment

Floor lamps can be converted on site or in our manufactory in Basel




We won't leave you in the dark!

Replacement lighting
During the conversion work, we offer replacement lighting for rent if required.


Refurbishment light

Ideal luminaire for refurbishments thanks to identical dimensions

The dimensions are decisive (1250 mm / 1550 mm) We are now offering our Geo 4 Office refurbishment luminaire with modern LED technology to replace the existing T5/T8 luminaires. Thanks to the exactly identical dimensions, nothing stands in the way of replacement and costly ceiling refurbishment or painting work can be avoided. The modern appearance of the Geo 4 Office gives the room a fresh new look.


  • Ideal luminaire for refurbishments thanks to identical dimensions
  • Covers any traces of the old luminaires without reworking
  • High luminous efficacy of up to 115 lm / W, energy savings of up to 70%
  • Office-compatible, microprismatic CLD optics (perfect glare control)
  • Direct beam
  • Replaceable LED module in the event of maintenance
  • Single and row mounting possible
  • One-piece frame without visible screws


  • L = 1250 mm / 1550 mm, W = 250 mm, H = 65 mm
  • Color white RAL 9016
  • Impact resistance IK08
  • Glow wire test 850 °C
  • Office-compatible and glare-free in accordance with EN 12464-1 (UGR ≤ 19; Lmax ≥ 65° ≤ 3000 cd/m²)
  • Integrated electronic control gear, ON/OFF and DALI2

Customized solution for your upcycling project

You have not found your luminaire or upcycling is not possible for aesthetic or technical reasons? We will find a tailor-made solution for your project.

Individual conversion

Tailor-made solution for your upcycling project

You have not found your luminaire or upcycling is not possible for aesthetic or technical reasons? We will find a customized solution for your project.

Casestudy - Baloise Basel

There were 2,100 luminaires in use where the light sources were banned. The challenge was to upgrade these luminaires to LED and thus find a highly efficient, sustainable solution. Regent developed an upgrade kit specifically for this purpose, which can be replaced in just a few simple steps.

Casestudy - Gruner

The success story of Regent's classic LEVEL luminaire almost came to an abrupt end by law. Thanks to an innovative conversion set, the Level model has become a shining example of sustainability.

Article from the Enegylight special edition of eTrends


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