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Rolling Rock Skate and Sports Centre underscores its robust, high-quality image.

Rolling Rock Skate and Sports Centre, Aarau, Switzerland

Rolling Rock AG, Aarau
Architekturbüro Andreas Berger AG, Wohlen
Lighting design
Sandmeier Elektroplanung + Telematik GmbH, Niederlenz
Trend sports enthusiasts are going to be over the moon: the recently renovated Rolling Rock Skate and Sports Centre in Aarau has been reopened. Besides the skate park, the 2200 square metre freestyle sport Mecca offers a variety of other sports such as climbing, trampolining or inline hockey. The complex includes the Rolling Rock Hardware Shop, where you can buy whatever equipment you need for your favourite sport. Office spaces are also housed under the same roof. As is the Rolling Rock Streetwear Shop. The 250 square metre store has been re-lit to enable visitors to be inspired by the great range of streetwear, bags and skating equipment.

The sports centre incorporates many different sports facilities, each of which called for a custom lighting solution. In the skating arena, for example, the lighting was basically required to guarantee that skaters can use the facility safely and without risk. Special requirements needed to be met and the relevant safety standards observed. One of the challenges was to underscore the high quality of the space in spite of the different ceiling heights. This required re-positioning various luminaires or reducing the number of fixtures. In the shopping zone the lighting was designed to accentuate the merchandise on display. Glare-free lighting in the office spaces makes for optimum working conditions even when there is little daylight available.

The display lighting in the store is provided by Matrix LED spotlights mounted between the wooden beams. In spite of their different material qualities, the luminaires blend in well with the architecture. Pendant-mounted ICE Basis LED luminaires ensure safe lighting conditions for skaters and climbers to enjoy their respective sports. Item LED pendant luminaires deliver appropriate lighting for the workstations in the offices. And the shower facilities are lit using moisture-proof Splash Clear LED luminaires.