Cars on holiday.

Sustainable lighting for a parking garage in the Swiss mountains.

Aletsch Parking, Mörel-Filet, Switzerland

Parking Aletsch GmbH, Mörel-Filet
Steinmann & Schmid Architekten AG, Basel
The Aletsch Arena tourism region in Switzerland is highly popular amongst mountain lovers from all over the world. Not least thanks to the idyllic peace and quiet in the pedestrian only Alpine villages. But where can you leave your car if you go there for a day trip or a week’s holiday? Cars can also enjoy a holiday in the conveniently located Aletsch parking garage.

The Aletsch parking garage is located in the municipality of Mörel-Filet in the Swiss canton of Valais. And the cable car at Riederalp in Aletsch Arena is just a two-minute walk away. The parking garage, which has space for 230 cars, is owned by a family company. In spite of the relatively low ceiling heights, the excellent lighting conditions in the parking garage make for a good start to a car-free day – or holiday. The lighting was realised using Regent’s Traq system, which features highly efficient LED technology. A further big plus point of this row lighting system for the electrician: the system is extremely simple to install, operate and maintain. A cleverly devised spring catch mechanism enables the components to be positioned flexibly and mounted in seconds. Thanks to an intelligent power supply concept and simple connection technology the luminaires were promptly mounted on the long supporting rails on the car park ceiling.