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You dream it and we will build it

Together with our Bespoke Team in their own Innovation Lab, products can be designed to order. From idea to engineering, they will supply with speed and a deep understanding of a customer’s needs and requirements. You dream it and they will build it. Whether it’s someone’s vision, someone’s floorplan or someone’s desk-space, we have a product which will enhance any area. At Regent Lighting, everything we do helps people see their world in a better light.


Leading the way for over a century

In our Bespoke team, 20 competent experts work tirelessly on the development of individualised special luminaires. Regent Lighting offers decades of experience and well-founded know-how in the planning and production of simple to highly complex Bespoke products. We are always there to support your project and guarantee the best possible support through a contact person dedicated to your queries. Regent Lighting has excellent and comprehensive internal resources: we handle every step from conception and manufacturing to production or international shipping on our premises, which are also home to the independent and accredited Regent Lighting test lab. This gives us full control of all delivery dates and costs, while always guaranteeing impeccable Regent Lighting quality.

Our competences

The people behind the idea

Experts from our design department are involved in the project management right from the start. Any challenges in the execution of the project are thus identified and analysed at an early stage and can be optimally resolved.

You have the vision, we have the skills

Our Regent Lighting test lab and the design team evaluate possible technological implementations of your visions and ideas. These people support the Bespoke team in developing the best solutions and concepts for your individual project.

Watch your idea come to light

At Regent Lighting, the entire project is implemented in-house. Our experienced and dynamic experts draw on the comprehensive know-how from numerous other projects and accompany you from the first samples to the presentation of the luminaires in our mock-up room, before the project has even started.

The three Bespoke levels

Level 1: Adaptations of products from our portfolio

We make adaptions to existing standard luminaires according to your desires. Choose a product from our portfolio in a special colour or cable configuration, special packaging or modified lighting performance.

Level 2: Luminaires made to order

We design the luminaire the way you picture it. Whether you want us to combine elements of standard luminaires from our portfolio or have their dimensions or technology adapted according to your needs, you tell us what you imagine, and we create it. We’re always happy to produce a sample to visualise the process.

Level 3: Bespoke complete solutions

We start from scratch and design an individual lighting solution just for you. Tell us about your visions and we support and accompany your project from the very beginning. We develop concepts cut to your needs, implement newest lighting technologies as well as innovative and sustainable materials or even programme specific software for the controls of your individual lighting concept. At the Regent Lighting test lab, we can thoroughly test the new products and document them according to applicable standards.

Products and projects


Qatar Railways

Lighting design for the underground

With impressing speed Qatar is recently developing its infrastructure. Doha Metro is one of the world's largest construction projects and an important part of the so-called ‘National Vision’ of the Golf area. In close collaboration with Qatar Rail’s architects and engineers the Regent Lighting team developed specific lighting solutions for the demanding construction sites. The result is an overwhelming symbiosis of light and architecture that underlines the uniqueness of the project.

Doha Metro will serve both the capital and the suburbs with all major locations within easy and convenient reach. A first construction phase includes the building of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 38 stations. Architecturally, the stations will reflect the heritage of the country, with a ‘Vault Space’ design inspired by traditional Bedouin tents.

“It’s not only about design, it’s about a National Vision. The architecture and interior design of the Doha Metro stations are inspired by the ‘Vault Space’, a design concept based on traditional Islamic architecture, an embodiment of the culture and history of the area: therefore, bringing together modern high-tech of Qatar’s future, yet also celebrating its ancient tradition” says Mohamed Timbely, Senior Director Architecture and Design Department of Qatar Rail.

A creative combination of endless homogenous light lines, triangular-star-shaped and square-shaped luminaires brings light to Doha underground, accentuates and accomplishes the architecture’s symbolic design. Until end of the year 2019 around
20’000 meters of light lines and over 25’000 luminaires will be installed in the simultaneously growing buildings with the demand to be completed at an unimagined speed.

“DOHA METRO lighting fixtures recompense 2 years of a close collaboration with REGENT team, where Qatar Rail tried to appropriate the lighting design to the concept of ‘Vault Space’, in order to be part of the heritage, culture and to the Qatar National vision 2030. It’s not only about designing light fixtures, it’s about a common understanding of National vision and make explicit what was thus far implicit.” says Mohamed Timbely. The Regent Customer Specific Project team has accepted the challenge of realizing specific lighting solutions for the Doha Metro Project in 2016. Three special luminaires have been developed to perfectly fit the requirements of the architect and the technical engineers.

All of the used luminaires are made of robust and well-resisting materials, offer IP54 protection against dust and humidity and guarantee high resistance and a long lifetime. An impact protection up to IK08 makes the luminaires even suitable for use in reachable areas of public spaces. The luminaires are equipped with DALI-dimmable drivers and high quality LEDs offering a high colour rendering of CRI ≥ 90.

Doha Metro 01 is the name of the three-dimensional flexible linear luminaire system for recessed installation that was specially developed for the ‘Vault Space Design’ of Doha Metro. Thanks to its opal foil diffusor it provides homogenous light for highly aesthetic lines without interruption.This light line is not only decorative but also highly functional supplying up to 1000 lumens per meter. A specially designed profile made of aluminium assures robustness and allows the unique flexibility.

Mounted side-by-side, the luminaire Doha Metro 02 with the specific triangular-star-shaped geometry is used for the ‘Flower Pattern Design’ of all single height ceilings such as concourse and platform levels. It can be recessed without any visible frame and the opal cover made of robust Polycarbonate provides perfect uniformity of light. The square-shaped Doha Metro 03 is used for highlighting specific areas and the creation of a daylight feeling at the lower levels of the stations. Both luminaires were especially designed for easy and toolless installation and maintenance from below.

The construction work will continue and the first lines are expected to be open to the public by 2019. At this time a piece of Swiss lighting technology will make everyday life in Doha even more beautiful.


Qatar Railways, Doha, Qatar
Client: Qatar Railways