When space becomes light.

Regent Lighting proudly presents Stream. Stream is different. Architecture, space and light become one. Light affects the space, in the purest sense, and infinitely. The innovative uplighter illuminates the ceiling without a ceiling-mounted luminaire. The high-quality luminaire is a light source but not the centre of attention. The ceiling itself is the reflective surface on which the spread of diffuse light unfolds, generating a special atmosphere. Given its unique reflector technology and its narrow-beam light distribution, Stream succeeds in creating a sufficient level of brightness in the space through purely indirect lighting, meeting the most stringent glare control requirements specified for office lighting.

Available in different versions, for standing on a desk / table, or equipped with a stand, Stream makes for an extremely flexible lighting solution. The puristic form of the luminaire housing, which is made of high-grade aluminium, allows it to blend in discreetly in practically any space. Whether in an open-plan office environment, a one-person office, or simply where light is needed, the Stream luminaire fits in perfectly. This luminaire – which can be set up anywhere in the space, is portable, and only needs plugging into the nearest socket – makes it easy to achieve high-quality, innovative lighting. Once it has been placed somewhere, the user can adjust the angle of inclination using the beautifully designed hinge on the luminaire head so that it is perfectly aligned to meet individual needs. 

The equipment box, which incorporates the control gear, features a magnetic housing and can be attached easily and conveniently to the stand, the table leg or the cable duct beneath the desk. For additional convenience, an operating module is also available to enable the user to address presence detection and daylight control and adjust the lighting to suit his/her individual needs. The device can be kept at hand at the workplace.
Forget the luminaire, experience the lit space. 



  • Highest possible visual comfort thanks to 100 % indirect lighting 
  • Guaranteed glare-free: Stream meets all standards for office lighting 
  • Can be positioned as required, stood on a table/desk or supplied with a stand 
  • Heights: 350 mm (Stream Table), 1100 mm (Stream Low), 1800 mm (Stream High) 
  • Hinge to enable perfect alignment can be tilted from –25° to +25° 
  • Luminaire housing made of high-grade powder-coated aluminium
  • Luminous flux of luminaire: 14‘000 lm – 17‘000 lm 
  • Colour temperatures: 3000 K, 4000 K 
  • Colours of the luminaire housing: white, black 
  • Excellent thermal management 
  • Optional: Operating module per workplace for switching, dimming, presence detection and daylight control