Purelite: at a height of just 35 mm including control gear, the perfect solution for renovation projects.

With Purelite, Regent has succeeded in designing an ultra-flat row lighting system that delivers first class lighting and offers a high degree of flexibility in the case of renovation projects. 
Purelite can be installed without any need for structural amendments and is extremely flat even when installed as a surface-mounted luminaire. In order to fulfil these criteria Regent attached great importance to the luminaire being as slimline as possible without compromising on light quality. Renovation work carried out on concrete buildings in particular can be very costly and time consuming. This is due to the building material itself, on the one hand, as well as to the basic structural requirements, which in turn can be highly complex. Luminaires applied in such structures are frequently bound by stringent building requirements and end up being compromise solutions. When planning the installation of row lighting systems measures must be taken with regard to the statics at a very early stage in the planning process. 

Given that Purelite was developed together with the renowned Swiss architect Peter Steinmann, SSA Architekten, the slimline row lighting system succeeds in fulfilling even these special requirements. The result of the close cooperation with the architect is an innovative luminaire with a height of just 35 mm, including the control gear, which can be applied flexibly without compromise. All aspects of the luminaire – from the lighting technology to the design to the electronics – have been seamlessly integrated to achieve the desired flatness. Special measures with regard to the statics of the building project are therefore not needed. 

And what is particularly interesting for designers: the effectively visible height of the semi-recessed version after mounting is just 16 mm. Which means that it is possible to install Purelite below the rebars without any major interventions. The surface-mounted version extends across the space in the form of a 35 mm high beautifully designed, shadow-free line of light with a soft indirect light component. Even more important than how the luminaire can be integrated into the architectural concept is the quality of the light and the effect it generates. Purelite delivers continuous, shadow-free lines of light with no interruptions whatsoever. 

Purelite is available as Purelite LED with an opal diffuser or Purelite C-LED with microprimatic optics, and meets all requirements for lighting applications in offices. A purely direct lighting version, Purelite D LED, is also available for recessed or surface mounting. 



  • The new generation of row lighting systems: easy to plan with and install thanks to the ultra-flat design and height of just 35 mm incl. control gear 
  • Does not interfere with the statics, given that the semi-recessed version of Purelite LED remains below the rebars 
  • Suitable for application in offices thanks to the microprismatic optics with a UGR < 19 at up to 3100 lm/1.2 m; 
    with an opal diffuser up to 3330 lm/1.2 m
  • Clip-in LED batten with integrated through-wiring for quick and easy mounting