Human Centric Lighting made easy.

Light does not only enable us to perceive our surroundings or perform visual tasks. It also has an effect on us biologically and emotionally. The change in colour temperature over the course of the day, together with changing levels of brightness, influence our bio-rhythm and overall feeling of well-being. The term «Human Centric Lighting» stands for a lighting concept that focuses on human health and well-being by taking into account the emotional and non-visual effects of light. With the Lightpad Tunable free-standing luminaire and the designated app MyLights Tunable, Regent demonstrates just how user-friendly this lighting concept is.  

The Lightpad free-standing luminaire with its double asymmetric light distribution for the optimum illumination of the workplace was successfully launched on the market two years ago. The new Lightpad Tunable, together with the specially developed app (MyLights Tunable for Android and iOS), makes Human Centric Lighting accessible for all users. Along the lines of «Plug & Play», as soon as it is plugged in Lightpad automatically runs in the “Natural course of daylight” mode, offering the gradual and stepless change of colour temperature from warm white to cool white light. With the aid of the app the user can fix or edit individual settings and thus enhance his/her feeling of well-being by selecting automatic or personalised lighting preferences over the day.

When it comes to Human Centric Lighting, the technologically advanced Lightpad luminaire offers a number of advantages: the direct and indirect light components have the same colour temperature. This avoids different luminous colours being randomly mixed, while the biological effect of the light is enhanced. Moreover, the key factor when it comes to the non-visual effect of light is what level of light actually reaches the eye. In this regard, the double asymmetric light distribution delivered by Lightpad meets all standards (pursuant to DIN SPEC 67600) – and actually optimises the impact of the biologically effective lighting.

With the MyLights Tunable app you have Human Centric Lighting literally at your fingertips. 

Select from three settings to ensure the preferred lighting conditions.

Work-related lighting
The lighting atmosphere is adjusted to suit the activity to be performed: the user can choose from five different moods from concentrated to relaxed, or select a colour temperature setting manually from the range provided. The colour temperature will remain set unless changed manually.

Natural dynamic lighting
Just as natural changes in daylight are caused by the course of the sun, so the colour temperature changes over the course of the day. In accordance with our circadian rhythm, the colour temperature is designed to have an activating effect on us in the mornings and a relaxing effect in the evening: thus positively impacting our sleep-wake rhythm.

Personalised dynamic lightingBased on five questions with regard to working hours and preferred colour temperature, an ideal light curve is created to the user’s needs. The colour temperature is then set to change over the course of the day in line with individual requirements, thus supporting the user’s bio-rhythm. 

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