Channel S Up

The new Channel S Up channel lighting system is the more streamlined version of the well-known and popular Channel lighting system, and now delivers additional indirect light. Its cross-section is almost 50 % smaller, thus allowing it to be integrated into the architecture even more elegantly.

Given its indirect light component and the pleasant way it illuminates the ceiling surface, it opens up new opportunities for the lighting design of the space. The choice of three different optics means that the light line meets different requirements and can be optimally used in different application areas. Whether applied as an individual pendant luminaire or as a system – it makes for optimum ambient lighting in any kind of space.



  • “S” as in slim, “Up” meaning additional indirect light
  •  Aesthetic design, extremely compact dimensions, 65 x 71 mm
  •  3 different optics offer the right light for every requirement 
  • Channel S Up C-LED: microprismatic optics, perfect glare control, shadow-free line of light and compliant planning according to EN 12464-1, 40 % direct light, 60 % indirect light, available as Tunable version (2700 K - 6500 K)
  • Channel S Up Boost LED: very aesthetic louvre optics optimized for LED, particularly efficient, high direct light component and planning according to EN 12464-1, 80 % direct light, 20 % indirect light 
  • Channel S LED: rollable endless diffusor - can be shortened on site, particularly decorative, continuous and shadow-free line of light until 24 m, 40  % direct light, 60 % indirect light, available as Tunable version (2700 K - 6500 K)
  •  Economical overall solution featuring maximum ergonomics for the user
  •  Reduced installation costs 



Channel S Up C-LED

Channel S Up Boost LED

Channel S Up LED


Channel S Up