Sports field lighting up and running thanks to a well-organised team of spacialists

The 14-metre long poles lined up ready for mounting were laid out like a row of alpine horns. They were installed in June – spot-on via helicopter. An LED floodlight from Swiss lighting specialist Regent Lighting is mounted at the top of each pole. And now they illuminate a sports field in Ruswil, enabling the grassed area to be used for sports activities outside daylight hours. 
“Everything went extremely smoothly; we see ourselves as a team of experienced specialists and we work with reliable partners”, Head of Operations Beat Stäuble from Regent Lighting reports. 
There are three factors that are crucial when it comes to such applications: everything needs to be prepared up front with the utmost care, and you need an experienced, well-coordinated team. And everyone involved needs to apply their competence and skills to contribute to the overall success of the undertaking. Each of the poles plus luminaire weighs in at 240 kg. Now the poles are standing. Mission accomplished. (Fotos von Michael Wyss, Anzeiger vom Rottal)