New technical opportunities and digitalisation increase the demands on products. An innovative luminaire needs to offer more than simply satisfying high quality standards with regard to design and light. Lighting control and the fact that it is possible to adjust colour temperature, and add or update software, offer interesting potential and enhance the performance of a luminaire. With Human Centric Lighting, the lighting industry has opened a door to yet more opportunities to meet the needs of changing modern working environments. Daylight influences the way we feel. Over the course of the day natural light changes with regard to colour temperature and intensity, and this has an effect on our bio-rhythm and our overall feeling of well-being. For those of us who spend much of our time indoors and working at computer screens, we need to develop lighting design concepts that address the biological needs of humans.

With Human Centric Lighting the idea is to apply lighting to support our circadian rhythm and improve concentration and have a positive influence on our sleep-wake cycle. In line with daylight conditions, the colour temperature in the morning is set to be cooler and thus more activating, and in the evening warmer to induce calm and prepare us for the night.

Regent has been working in close collaboration with the University of Basel for a number of years to define the possibilities of designing circadian-effective lighting. The conclusions are sobering. The wide range of factors influencing the human biorhythm are extremely complex. Only through the consistent application of all potential influences in an office space, through the optimum illuminance and relevant dynamic quality, is it possible to achieve the desired effect. Simulating daylight conditions over the course of the day using artificial light with the goal of influencing the hormonal balance of employees is difficult to achieve in the office environment. The positive effect of various colour temperatures does offer enormous potential, however. Workplace design today should aim to do more than merely meeting standard requirements.

On the basis of scientific studies Regent has developed products that enable dynamic lighting. MyLights Tunable enables the colour temperature to be fine-tuned from warm white to cool white light, thus allowing daylight conditions to be simulated over the course of the day. Thanks to this innovative technology, conditions similar to daylight can also be created in the depth of an office space and positively support the working atmosphere. Such measures can indeed increase people’s feeling of well-being, which Regent proved with their lighting for the maternity clinic at Bethesda Hospital. Ute Richter, Head of the Maternity Ward: “The dynamic scheme is aligned to the daily routine of our hospital staff and also helps the families when they take a break or are recovering from the birth”.

As market leader in Switzerland, Regent have set themselves the goal of developing innovative lighting solutions that offer the customer added value. Technology enables and always serves as a means to an end. Solutions must lend themselves to intuitive operation. This is the competence Regent demonstrates when they are working on individual projects. The “Customer Specific Projects” team at Regent custom design new products as required by specific projects. It is not uncommon for these project-specific luminaires, and the experience gained through them, to form the basis for the development of series lighting solutions.